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Proxy Access

Proxy access allows you to access another persons' Houston Methodist MyChart account.

Parent-to-Child Proxy Access

For access to your minor child’s health record via MyChart as a parent, complete this electronic form.

Adult-to-Adult Proxy Access

You can give someone else access to your account. To provide proxy access, the person granting access must click on Proxy Invite and log on to their MyChart account. Note: Both parties must have a Houston Methodist MyChart account to utilize this self-service workflow.

If Proxy Invite is not an option, you can request proxy access through our electronic form. This form requires a signature from the person granting access and that person should be an adult able to authorize on their own behalf.

Medical Power of Attorney Associated Access

If the adult person granting access is not able to authorize on their own behalf or there is a medical power of attorney involved, complete this electronic form.